When meeting attendees are distributed across multiple time zones, check to see if there’s a time when their work schedules overlap. It’s important to keep everyone engaged during remote meetings, including the team members who might not be the most vocal or outspoken. All the points we’ve covered—from scheduling to setting an agenda to practicing proper etiquette—are important in getting a digital meeting up and running. But those are all moot if the team isn’t engaged when it comes time for the actual meeting.

remote meeting meaning

The traditional office culture is overwhelmingly synchronous. Team members meet in person to do things in groups of two or more at the same time. Even if a meeting is not structured, on-premise workers tend to have synchronous hours of work.

During the meeting

Slack is a communication tool for initiating video calls and chat sessions with other teammates, fostering teamwork. Ensure that the participants adhere to the deadlines mentioned in the remote meeting. Begin these follow-ups so that you can identify the significant issues that might hamper the completion of the discussed items on time. Achieve this step efficiently by selecting invitees that will play a role in the discussions. Thus, they will not feel out of place and will become attentive throughout the remote meeting. Hence, the moderator will keep an eye on the discussion while guiding it to fruition.

remote meeting meaning

They can be compared to their equivalent of in-person meetings, but have their own benefits of being remote. Online meetings with built-in collaboration tools let you communicate with your team from your office desk, a conference room or any remote location. – Notwithstanding any other provision of law, upon issuance of a declaration of emergency under G.S. Compliance with this statute establishes a presumption that a remote meeting is open to the public. A remote meeting is a session between individuals located in different locations and using web conferencing tools to connect. Consider where your team members are located before picking a meeting time.

Group Scheduling

After your remote meeting, it’s important to share, in writing, the next steps with your team. Setting goals and clear expectations help your team stay on track and is crucial for bolstering employee engagement. From Zoom and Teams to WebEx, there is no shortage of remote meeting tools and platforms.

You can take an issue with a colleague into a private video chat after. For more tips on this, check out our advice for solving remote disagreements. By putting a few structures in place, you can run more effective remote meetings, freeing up time and making everyone just a little less grouchy. Without a doubt, remote meetings are critical for businesses to succeed. However, these meetings can’t be productive if your employees are not aligned with other team members. Google MeetGoogle Meet is yet another tool for online meetings.

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Whether or not something requires a meeting depends on the context. For example, standups usually don’t need to be meetings, but brainstorms could go either way. Use your best judgment, but try to default to fewer meetings. You can always set one up later if you need to, but you can’t undo a useless meeting.

Doing so will allow for an easy follow-up of the suggestions’ implementation. Furthermore, an outline provides referencing material for the shareholders of the meeting to gauge their response to the agenda. You could share the meeting agenda beforehand to make the session smoother while saving precious time. You might discover that some agendas don’t require any form of meeting to handle; they need an individual polishing up or done in smaller groups. In the post-COVID-19 era, modern business employees are demanding to work remotely.

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This demand is because remote work allows workers to work from anywhere worldwide. In other words, no matter their location, they can connect to the organization and work productively. https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ The point is, introverts deserve to be just as engaged in online meetings as anyone else, but it may take some work on the facilitator’s part to get them there.

  • They must share accountability for each other’s results, and pick each other up when they need help.
  • While you may use eye contact to prompt a colleague to speak in person, address them by name on a video call, especially if your meeting format involves some round-robin sharing.
  • Even better, create a communal space or document online where people can add their thoughts, insights, and suggestions following the meeting.
  • This also allows for more accessibility if a participant doesn’t have a computer or phone with a camera.
  • Today, when teams tackle strategic business issues or stress-test bold new ideas using practices such as Collaborative Problem Solving or Bullet Proofing, its best to use smaller groups of three or four.
  • Also, you can curate your environment and remove the things that are a distraction.

On a par with the technicians’ herculean wizardry, the appointment of two moderators per RSI meeting was possibly the best innovation prompted by the pandemic. They can recommend and remind all they want but they have no power to compel. Whether they eventually succeed in inculcating healthy habits to remote participants – through constant diffident interruptions and polite reminders – remains to be seen.

Your remote-first meetings checklist

Not only is it a courteous gesture, but if you have people working in different time zones, it can help them know what they have to attend live and what they can catch up on later. This one may seem like a given, but it’s easy to miss an important talking point if you’re experiencing technical issues or not recording the meeting. Ask someone in the session to help track meeting minutes and meeting notes if you need a hand. Remote teams A simple platform that tells you how remote teams really feel, and fosters action-oriented 1-on-1 conversations. Instant meetings Configure your unique meeting invite and share it with participants to start an online meeting anytime.

remote meeting meaning

Check out Andre’s 8 tips and tricks to avoid video conferencing problems and make you more confident. Investment Funds Connect calendars to efficiently book meetings with your portfolio company contacts. Startups Connect calendars with your investors and contractors to save time booking meetings. Chrome Extension Schedule meetings how to run a successful remote meeting directly from your Google, Yahoo, or Outlook Calendars, with the RemotePC Meeting Scheduler Chrome extension. Meeting link is sent via a calendar invitation, allowing attendees to join meetings with a single-click. Session Recording Record unlimited meetings and archive in the cloud; view or share recordings from the dashboard.

Remote work events: conferences and summits

Typically, they connect and carry out sound tests with each participant shortly before the start of every meeting with RSI; and remind them of the above-mentioned habits. A remote work conference happens online and is usually somewhat formal. Speakers have been chosen ahead of time to deliver presentations or participate in panel discussions, such as the REMOTE by GitLab and other global conferences featuring GitLab speakers. Be the first to know about new ways to schedule and run better remote team meetings.